Welcome to Our Digital Storytelling Project


Who doesn't love a good story? They are woven into our society. We tell them at parties. We pass them back and forth at T-ball games. They float through the air around the kitchen table during dinner. Stories are told in times of exultation, and just as fervently in times of sorrow, ‘remember when…?’ Stories can be traced back through time to the earliest paintings on damp cave walls. But why, as people, are we so in love with the story? Is it how we personally relate to them? Or is it the moment where we know the comic punch line is about to be said? Is one story better than another? Do we favor the kind of story that leaves you hanging on every word over the one that brings back feelings of nostalgia? And what makes us remember these stories? Keeping them alive in our minds to tell them over and over again? In any case, stories are how we capture the moment or reflect on how things once were. They began as rudimentary paintings on stone walls, grew into words – spoken first, then written, and were nurtured into grainy black and white photographs. The advent of motion pictures and technology allowed our stories to be told loudly, and in full color. And with today's resources students have a wealth of tools available to make them present day archivists.


We set out to tell the story of a loved one; capturing their story through our eyes and retold through photos, images, artifacts, narration and music. The process included creating individual interview questions, used then to create a personal narrative. We then retold the story digitally, utilizing iMovie.

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